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Passionate events specialist helping you create

I'm a 27 year old French-American entrepreneur & events creator, living between Puerto Rico & Germany.

I kicked off my career in Berlin designing, implementing & managing strategic events across three industries. During the pandemic, I built my first freelance business which enabled me to move to the Caribbean and focus on my passion project: Casanova Events. I serve Puerto Rico primarily and my other locations on-demand. No matter where I go, I take my love of bringing people together to live life's most memorable moments. 

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So much of who you are, is where you've been

Aspen, USA (1994-1996)
Paris, France (1996-2003)
Ajaccio, Corsica (2003-2007)
Aspen, USA (2007-2012)
Salamanca, Spain (2012-2013)
Maastricht, Netherlands (2013-2016)
Berlin, Germany (2016-2021)
San Juan, Puerto Rico (2021- NOW)

Hello World

I was born in this renown ski town in the mountains of Colorado, as the second child in a family of Corsican and French descent, where my entrepreneurial parents built their first and most famous high end cuisine restaurant, Cache-Cache. I will return to the United States to attend High School. 

Paris Upbringing

My schooling began in the 7th "arrondissement". Large family events were frequent. Community & connection was at the forefront during my childhood. I started experiencing the depth of my creative, intellectual & physical capabilities at a very early age through dance, art & languages.

Islander at Heart

Being Corsican on my mother’s side, I spent most holidays & summers on the island. Weekends were spent with family in our mountain village house & weekdays in our beach house on the outskirts of Ajaccio- where we most often than not, hosted our friends after school for diners & festivities. 

Back to the Roots

Moving back to Aspen allowed me to become fully bilingual, develop an ease with adapting to new environments & pursue new hobbies and interests. After creating beautiful friendships, memories & successfully completing my International Baccalaureate- the itch to return to Europe was strong. 


Instead of immediately starting a bachelors, I pursued a 9 months course at the Universidad de Salamanca, dedicated to learning Spanish fluently. I lived in a student building where I experienced first hand what being around dozens of different nationalities felt like. This is also where I met my life partner.

Law School Student

The European Law School program at Maastricht University allowed me to explore the European legislative system in depth, gain a strong knowledge of multiple areas of law & develop top writing, research & critical thinking skills. I completed my Bachelors of Laws all while understanding I was more "business driven". 

Masters & Career Kickoff

I started as an au pair while doing my first internships. I then pursued a Masters in International Business that I graduated with Honors. I started working for one of Europe’s highest valued fintechs, went on to help build Germany’s first coworking space designed by women for women, and then transitioned to a coliving project. 

Tropical Entrepreneur

I fell in love with this island in a record time of 3 days. I quickly realized I had a background & skillset I could truly leverage to become a successful entrepreneur here. At the time I was creating my first business in website building & decided to make the jump to live my dream life & start my passion project: Casanova Events.  


Wearing more than one hat ...

My set of skills, areas of knowledge, projects I contribute to, are as varied as my background. I continuously seek to learn new skills that complement my already existing ones in order to be adaptable to an ever changing job market, pursue different areas, industries and functions of interest.

Employer Branding

Events Manager

Employer Branding

Managed the events segment of the employer branding team at one of Europe's high valued mobile banks. From industry renown famous conferences, to in-house events concepts organized alongside management heads, I learned to tailor events to the hiring needs of the startup as it entered hyper growth & achieved unicorn status.


Community Facilitator


Launch & expansion of a coworking designed  by women for women in the heart of Berlin. From launch event, to crowdfunding campaign, to space expansion, community events, partnered events, sponsored events- the learning curve was steep, intense, multifaceted, rewarding and it led me to my next position as...


Community Experience


Head of Community Experience for a Berlin based coliving provider. I joined in pre-launch, conducted market research, developed all corners tied to the community experience for a projection of 320 residents, intensely researched & established ties in this industry that holds the potential to revolutionize the way people live, work, connect & play.

Web Design


Web Design

Mixing my love for design, experience working for early stage startups and curiosity to develop great user experiences, I joined forces and skillsets with my co-founder and founded VONCASA to help build a digital presence one our clients will ♡ and be proud of. We offer quality websites and hosting, custom code, drone footage & translation services in 4 languages. 

Brand Values


led me here


in everything I do


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let's e-meet!

I am honoured that you have made it this far into my short life story. I would be even more delighted if you reached out.